Well equipped and maintained facilities.

Consultation Room

  • 3 consultation rooms
  • Each equipped with a standard examination bed, computer terminal and cupboards

Monitoring Room

  • Designated room for monitoring and audit purposes
  • Access controlled

IMU Visitor's Lounge

  • Spacious waiting area equipped with comfortable sofas, television and X-Box station
  • Large conference table


  • Early phase study facility set-up
  • 2 wards with a total of 14 trial beds
  • Equipped with emergency call button for each bed
  • Equipped with standard ward facilities and ECG machines, vital signs monitoring devices, IV infusion pumps, and syringe pumps


  • Emergency trolley / crash cart that complies with the hospital’s approved checklist for its contents

Blood Processing Room

  • Access controlled
  • Designated area for phlebotomy service
  • Ultra-low freezers and fridge (each with temperature monitoring device)
  • Bench-top for blood processing equipped with centrifuges and a shaker machine

IP Storage Room

  • Access controlled
  • Temperature controlled refrigerators with backup power generator and alarm system
  • Cabinets with locks for storage of IPs at room temperature
  • IP Room temperature and humidity are constantly monitored

Archive Room

  • 3 archive rooms with fire-proof doors
  • Restricted access
  • Large storage capacity

Wireless Network Connection

  • For the convenience of study subjects, particularly those who participate in over-night stay-in studies

PK Clocks

  • Synchronize time for studies involving frequent pharmacokinetic blood sampling

Meeting Room

  • Equipped with teleconference equipment
  • Audio-visual presentation equipment